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Create professional
customer surveys easily with LimeSurvey.

Brands and products are made for customers. That means, that their needs, problems and sensitivities are at the forefront of your work. LimeSurvey is your number 1 tool when it comes to customer surveys – surveys that you can also send out into the world with your own corporate design.

Integration on your own website

Integrate customer surveys on your own website and reach your customers directly where they browse.

Use your own domain

Use your own domain for your online customer surveys. This will help you to gain trust and more people will be willing to participate.

Individual design

Integrate the customer survey seamlessly into your familiar corporate image using adaptable themes so participants can recognise your company immediately.

Registration form

Create your own expert panel with prior registration. That avoids multiple responses while maintaining contact with survey participants.

Simple file management

Use multimedia to create your survey – with pictures, videos and audio. Allow your customers to upload any files they wish with the practical file manager.


Create short, informal surveys or “polls” and integrate them into your website so that you can get to know your customers and website visitors better and faster.

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Create customer surveys in just a few minutes

Because interacting with customers is your top priority.

LimeSurvey allows you to maintain contact with your customers at all times by conducting straightforward surveys in your own website environment. In this way, you can draw conclusions about customer satisfaction, collect important feedback and identify improvements on this basis.

Sophisticated logic mechanisms enable you to ask only the relevant questions for each participant. And all this with 28 different types of question in over 80 languages. You can invite your customers to participate and send them reminders directly from the application thanks to our all-in-one solution.

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28 ready-to-go
question types

Unlimited number
of users

Simple way to export
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Create your first survey quickly

Succeed with your customers.

Thanks to individual customer surveys tailored to your target audience.

Are you developing another product or
working on a new brand? Listen to your
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LimeSurvey is an easy way to create
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your customers.

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