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Take your nonprofit organization to the next level with LimeSurvey’s powerful nonprofit surveys

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Nonprofit Survey Templates

What’s important when creating nonprofit surveys?


Nonprofit surveys are essential for organizations to gather valuable feedback from stakeholders, including donors, volunteers, and beneficiaries. Nonprofit surveys help to measure the impact of programs and services, identify areas for improvement, and increase donor and volunteer engagement. By conducting nonprofit surveys, organizations can make data-driven decisions that lead to successful outcomes and achieve their mission.

Determine what you want to achieve with your nonprofit survey, and tailor your questionnaire and forms to collect the necessary data to meet those goals.

Nonprofit surveys should be short and to the point to encourage participation and collect accurate data.

Avoid technical jargon and complex terminology to ensure that all stakeholders can understand and answer the questions.

Prioritize the areas that are most important to your nonprofit organization and focus on collecting data in those specific areas

Use a variety of response options, such as multiple-choice and open-ended questions, to gather comprehensive data and allow stakeholders to provide more nuanced feedback.

Use skip logic to guide participants through the survey, presenting only relevant questions based on their previous responses.

Before launching the survey, test it thoroughly to ensure that it is functioning correctly and collecting accurate data.

Guarantee confidentiality and anonymity to participants to encourage honest and open feedback.

Consider offering incentives, such as discounts or special offers, to increase participation and engagement.

Once the survey is complete, follow up with participants to thank them for their participation and share any insights or changes that will result from their feedback.

Nonprofit Survey Builder

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