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  • Free

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    • 25 responses/month
    • 10 MB upload storage
    • 30+ question types
    • 80+ languages
    • Panel integration
    • Question editor
    • Skip logic and branching
    • Piping and micro-tailoring
    • Survey management
    • GDPR compliance
    • Custom survey design
    • Data export Excel, CSV, R, Stata, SPSS, Word, & PDF
    • API access
  • Basic

    $34 / month
    billed monthly
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    Everything in FREE plus:
    • 1 000 responses/month
    • 250 MB upload storage
    • White-label end page
    • Email support
  • Expert

    $29 / month
    $348 billed annually
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    Everything in FREE plus:
    • 10 000 responses/year
    • 1 GB upload storage
    • White-label end page
    • White-label domain
    • Email support
    • Remove LimeSurvey branding
    • 1 alias domain
  • Enterprise

    $74 / month
    $888 billed annually
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    Everything in FREE plus:
    • 100 000 responses/year
    • 3 GB upload storage
    • White-label end page
    • White-label domain
    • Priority email support
    • Remove LimeSurvey branding
    • 2 alias domains
  • Corporate

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    Everything in FREE plus:
    • Custom number of responses/year
    • Custom upload storage
    • White-label end page
    • White-label domain
    • Corporate support
    • Remove LimeSurvey branding
    • Custom number of alias domains
    • SAML (optional)
    • Dedicated server (optional)

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SSL encryption

White labeling

End page
Domain & end page
Domain & end page

Upload storage

10 MB

250 MB

1 GB

3 GB

Maximum responses

25 / Month

1000 / Month

10.000 / Year

100.000 / Year

Use of own domain

Individual subdomain

No advertisement

Community support

Email support

with priority


Unlimited number of surveys

Number of users





Question types


Matrix (5 point selection)

Matrix (10 point selection)

Matrix (yes / no / uncertain)

Matrix (Increase/ equal / decrease)

Matrix (by column)

Matrix (Dual)

Matrix (Numbers)

Matrix (Text)



Numerical input

Multiple numerical input

Slider control


Text module

Yes / No

Language change

Multiple selection

Multiple selection with commentary

List selection box

Option fields list

List of option fields (5 point selection)

List with comment field

Multiple short texts

Free text (short/medium/long)




Languages for administration and surveys





Multilingual surveys

Quick translation

Google Translate support

Panel Integration

Setting of quotas

Predefined end URLs

Transfer of external parameters

Preset questions with URL parameters

Creation of questions


Edit HTML directly

Own JavaScript

Pictures and Videos (HTML5)

Reusable questionnaire labels

Import / export of questions and surveys

Randomisation of questions and groups of questions

Survey logic

Skip Logic / Branching

Piping and Micro-Tailoring

Valuation rules and values

Survey management

Open and closed surveys

Individual & mass mailing of invitations and reminders

Use your own mail server

Use our mail server

Automatic bounce handling

Printable surveys

Start and end time for a survey

Data security & anonymisation

Anonymous surveys

GDPR compliance


Support for Google Analytics©


Public registration

Save and later continuation of the survey by participants

Prevent multiple participation

Captcha Anti-Spam

Custom survey design

Variety of survey designs

Responsive survey designs for mobile devices

Own survey design (HTML, CSS, JS)

Anticipated data & Reporting

Timekeeping for surveys

Data entry in the backend

Quick statistics with graphical evaluation and export

Dataexport to SPSS, R, Stata, CSV, Excel & PDF

Export to archive

Public statistics


Screenreader compatibility

W3C Compliance


RemoteControl API via XML-RPC / JSON-RPC


Question themes

Plugins & Modules*
(*Extra fees for installation/update)

Frequently asked questions

What payment methods are available?

We accept payments via PayPal, Visa and Mastercard. Customers from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands can also pay by direct debit. On request, payment on account is also possible – please contact us about this. All the above payment methods are processed by our payment providers PayOne or PayPal.

What happens if I exceed my response volume?

If your remaining response volume is too small, we’ll send you a reminder by email – you can specify when you want to be notified in your user account. When you have used up your response volume, participants can no longer take part in your surveys – and, of course, we will notify you of this. If you’re using the FREE Plan, this means you cannot access LimeSurvey until the next renewal of your response credit – unless you change over to a fee-based package.

Will my package be extended automatically?

Yes, our packages are automatically renewed after the expiration of the previous term. However, you can terminate your package online at any time (with a period of notice of one day) or in text form (with a period of notice of two weeks). If you use a discount which is only valid once when you place your order, you’ll pay the normal price for the next billing period.