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Whether you’re writing a dissertation, conducting research for a class, or gathering insights for a collaborative project, take your academic research to the next level with LimeSurvey.

Why choose LimeSurvey

All-in-one platform for swift research
Leverage our adaptable platform to reach various demographics and gather critical data for your research.
Customizable research solutions
Begin collecting valuable information with our ready-to-use templates that can be tailored to suit your research needs.
User-friendly, safe, and secure
LimeSurvey offers an unlimited number of survey users, robust user management, and comprehensive data protection

Build the survey you need

Using LimeSurvey’s wide range of customizable surveys, questionnaire, polls, and forms, researchers, students, and educators can create the surveys they need quickly and easily.

Secure and seamless login

Integrate LimeSurvey into your institution’s infrastructure so participants can log in using their existing user ID

Easy data collection

Gather data and export the results quickly and easily so that you can get to work extrapolating insights and analyzing results.

The Survey Builder for Academic Research

Collect insights and opinions from your target audience effortlessly with our simple marketing survey builder. Create and conduct market research surveys with ease and access real-time results analysis.

  • Easy and simple to use
  • Real-time results analysis
  • Customized branding
  • Various question-types
  • So much more...

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