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A whole lot of good reasons to use LimeSurvey.

Hosted in your country

Hosted in Germany, Canada or USA

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Hosted LimeSurvey Professional is available in Germany, Canada and the United States of America.
All data is stored on servers in the country you choose.


More than 80 languages supported

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Create surveys in over 80 languages. The main part of the software is translated and fully able to change languages. Also you can create your surveys in multiple languages at once. without copying the whole survey.

Unlimited Administrators

Create multiple accounts for colleagues and employees

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Through an individual permission-system you are able to configure authorizations. Permissions to edit surveys, access to details, or to look into the statistics, all possible with Limesurvey.

28 different questiontypes

We have them all ready

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Simple single choice questions as well as sophisticated multiple choice, Google Maps®, file upload, equations and many more. Ask your questions with Limesurvey.

What you see is what you get

Easy HTML-editing of your content

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Every piece of your content may be created with our powerful HTML-editor. Fit in pieces of code, or use placeholders to display answers of previous quesstions.


Create quotas and control your statistic

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You have the power to create quotas to make sure your surveys are relevant. Take for example you want to ask exactly 500 women and 500 men, between 18 and 38. No problem with our quotas, just define your own frame conditions.

Skip Logic / Branching

Create Conditions based on given answers.

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The powerful expression manager gives you the ability to create contidions. Filter subquestions, or complete question groups based on the answers of your survey takers.

Reusable content

Copy questions, or complete surveys

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With Limesurvey you are able to reuse all your content. Copy questions, complete surveys, subquestions or answer-scales. For faster survey creating and editing.

Assessment surveys

Intelligent survey making.

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Assign assessment values to answer options and show content depending on the values or their sum - either during the survey or as a final assessment screen after the participant finished.

Invite and remind

Invite participants, and remind them later

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You are able to send out invitations to registered participants. And once registered you can also remind them to finish the survey. Automatic bounce management filters invalid ore due email adresses. These are automatically removed from future surveys.

Anonymous answers - safety for participants

Invite Participants via email, and anonymize their answers.

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You can anonymize all answers and still be able to invite participants via email. With Limesurvey you can be sure that once activated all answers are anonymized, until the survey is finished.

Surveys - Public and Private

Create publicly available surveys, as well as closed ones.

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Limesurvey gives you the possibility to create surveys only open to personally invited participants, as well as completely open public surveys, with or without registration. To avoid fraud Limesurvey uses captchas, that you may enable.

Make it YOUR survey

Individual design and customizability

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Limesurveys templates are customizable, use yellow here or pink there. For those not getting enough out of the shipped themes, or just wanting to use that special logo there is the template editor. Customize surveytaking as well as the admin interface.

Offline capability

Print it out and type it in yourself

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You may print out your surveys and make it a classical pen-and-paper survey. Limesurvey features a nice and lean interface to type in your data afterwards.

Make it visible

Create nice visuals and clean statistics of your data

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Just a few clicks and you can visualize your data in multiple forms of graphics. Even with a still running survey you can export partials. Filter special answers or export your statistics.

Export your Data

Limesurvey features multiple export formats.

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Export your answers to Microsoft Excel®, Microsoft Word®, SPSS®, R, Stata®, PDF, or simple csv.

There are a lot more features, built by our vivid community have a look at our Online-Demo.

Limesurvey integrates with the following CMS:

Possible areas of application

Basically you can use Limesurvey for any type of data collection. Here are a few examples of how our users use Limesurvey:

  1. Ordinary marketing surveys
  2. Psychological tests
  3. Customer satisfaction surveys after buying from an online shop
  4. General data collection for example by phone at call centers
  5. Quality management (inter alia in the field)
  6. Query of candidate qualifications
  7. Order Form for Product Samples
  8. Invitation management for events ("I come with X people, we would like to eat Y and Z need overnight accommodations)
  9. Theory test for Driving School
  10. Review of lectures at universities
  11. Event tool like for college fests

Interested? You want to get started right away?

Still not sure ?

Take a sneak peek at our demo to see what LimeSurvey can do for you!

Try LimeSurvey or download LimeSurveyCommunity!


LimeSurvey Hosting

Check out our official LimeService hosting!
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Latest stable version 2.x

We recommend that any previous version should upgrade to this latest version.
Check out our installation and upgrade instructions.


In our template library you can find example surveys, label sets and question templates in various languages - be it a list of world countries or special question types.
Using the upload-feature you can contribute your files to the community, too.


Extensions are third-party plug-ins for LimeSurvey/LimeSurveyCommunity to extend functionality and so we provide a directory of extensions. If you have created your own extension don't hesitate to submit it to our directory.


For Premium Package subscribers:
LTS versions & Additional templates

For our Premium package subscribers we offer 2.06 as a Long Term Support version (LTS). Until March 2017 we will provide critical bug and security fixes for this version when needed.

Also we now offer 3 additional survey design templates for download.

Archived versions

A limited selection of older versions is still available in our files section. We recommend not to use those for production environments as the newest versions will always include better security than the previous ones.


Survey Example

If you'd like to see a working survey, please fill out our own survey. This survey is being run on LimeSurvey version 2.50+.

Stable v2.50+ Demo

We've made demonstration version available for you to get a feel of this product.

Please be polite and don't abuse the demo. Some critical functions (like mail sending or modifying security settings) havebeen disabled.



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