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Whether you’re a brand, community organization, or researcher, surveys can help you gather fresh information that zests up your initiatives. With LimeSurvey, you can quickly and easily put together a survey using our wide array of customizable templates and collect the feedback, opinions, and insights you need to drive your work forward.
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LimeSurvey enables you to fully customize surveys to suit your needs. You can use an existing template tailored to your objectives, or build your own. Using our open-source platform and sophisticated features, you can create the survey you need.
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Whether you’re conducting research, looking for constructive feedback, or following-up with customers, surveys are a quick and easy way to connect with people and gather vital information. Here are the steps you need to get started with LimeSurvey
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The first step of building your survey is creating question groups, where you can set questions to appear in a random order, add relevance equations. Use the Add Questions feature to create new questions and use the Questions Editor to choose the question type. After you’ve assigned the question to a question group and indicated whether the question is mandatory, don’t forget to save your settings.
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After adding all questions, choose your general survey settings, determine whether your survey is open-access or closed-access, and then activate your survey. If you’ve chosen an open-access survey, you can share the survey URL. If your survey is closed-access, then you can activate the survey participants table and generate using unique access codes for each respondent.
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Monitor responses in real-time using the response summary, and once your survey ends, collect responses after choosing whether or not they are anonymous, and then use the check data integrity function to ensure the quality of your data. Then, use LimeSurvey’s analysis tools to filter the data as needed, generate graphs and charts, and then export your findings.
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Types of surveys
LimeSurvey offers an array of surveys that cater to a variety of professions, purposes, and goals, helping you uncover vital feedback from customers, employees, and peers.

Example survey template

This survey template gathers demographic information, solicits satisfaction ratings, and delves into factors that influence decision-making, making it ideal for collecting diverse feedback.

It also includes prompts for suggestions for improvements, providing a comprehensive means of gathering input on a specific product, service, or experience.

Survey templates

With over 1000 templates, LimeSurvey has a survey that suits your needs and can help you easily capture crucial insights that will help inform decision-making. Customize your templates to gather a diverse range of opinions and drive your initiatives forward.

Survey maker

LimeSurvey offers a user-friendly platform that streamlines the survey process, making it easier for people to craft informative surveys that yield meaningful results.

  • 800+ Free survey templates
  • 28+ different question types
  • 80+ languages
  • Quick translations
  • Multilingual surveys
  • On-brand experience and individualisation
  • Unlimited surveys & questions
  • Advanced survey features
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The advantages of our surveys

Surveys are a vital tool for a wide variety of businesses, professionals, and organizations, providing a quick and straight-forward way to critical insights that aid in research, business decisions, strategy, and engagement.

Surveys can help align business operations with overarching goals and improve organizational culture.

Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) surveys can help businesses understand customer preferences and provide insights to improve customer service.

Collecting and analyzing data about market trends provides businesses with actionable insights that inform strategic brand and product decisions.

Insights from internal surveys and employee engagement assessments can help foster a positive workplace culture and support employee growth.

Brand awareness studies and ad effectiveness surveys shed light on the impact of marketing campaigns and provide guidance on how to tailor efforts to suit consumer needs and preferences.

Product feedback and concept testing surveys can help brands align product development with market demands, driving innovation.

Feedback from event attendees can help event professionals ensure event success.

Course evaluations help educators gather feedback on teaching effectiveness and curriculum relevance.

Survey that unlock success
Whether you’re conducting market research or leading a community group, LimeSurvey has surveys for you.

Why should you choose LimeSurvey?

Access a plethora of survey templates that you can easily customize to suit your needs, whether you’re conducting academic research, collecting stakeholder feedback, or asking for feedback on new athletic gear.
Easy buiding of surveys
Quick & simple survey creator
100+ survey templates
28+ different question types
Advanced features
Lots of free surveys features
Unlimited surveys & questions
Advanced logic and question types
Translation capabilities
Multilingual surveys
Translated in 40+ languages
Quick and easy translation of surveys
Security and privacy
GDPR compliant
Dedicated server
2048 bit SLL encryption of personal data
Excellent customer service
Professional customer support
Active community with 1000s of users helping each other
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On-brand experience and individualisation
Customised plugins tailored to your needs
White-label domain and alias domains
Remove survey branding

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