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No matter your niche, when you need a survey template that is effective, user-friendly, and can be used across a wide range of devices, we’ve got you covered. With LimeSurvey’s wide range of survey templates, you can drive memberships and sign-ups, collect opinions and feedback, help people provide more detailed reports, and more! Get started today.

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This feedback form can be use to collect opinions and insights from clients to improve services or products.

The athlete performance evaluation form template is designed to help coaches or evaluators assess an athlete's physical ability, technical skills, game awareness, and mental toughness.

This restaurant feedback form template is tailored to assess a customer's dining experience, gathering information on various factors like the overall experience, food quality, and service, which provide a holistic view of the dining environment.

This application form template collects personal information, education, work experience, skills and qualifications, references, and essay questions from job applicants.

The software evaluation survey facilitates the collection of feedback concerning overall satisfaction, ease of use, and functionality of software products or services, providing a comprehensive user perspective.

This survey template is designed to evaluate suppliers' performance, focusing on critical elements like product quality, delivery timeliness, and communication responsiveness.

This booking form is useful for managing appointments and reservations, enabling businesses to efficiently schedule and organize their operations.

The client satisfaction survey template offers a comprehensive tool for assessing aspects like overall satisfaction, recommendations, customer service, and communication, providing a holistic view of the customer's perspective.

This coaches poll template is designed to gather feedback from clients on their satisfaction with coaching services.

The survey focuses on gym satisfaction, inquiring about the frequency of gym visits, the quality of equipment and staff, and whether the respondent would recommend the gym to a friend.

The cheerleading registration form template collects personal and emergency contact information for athletes interested in joining a cheer team, in addition to details about their previous cheer experience and availability for practices and competitions.

The gym membership template is designed to collect basic member information such as their name, date of birth, gender, email, phone number, and address.

Our golf tournament registration form template collects basic player information including name, email, and phone number as well as optional details such as handicap, t-shirt size, and dietary restrictions.

This product feature evaluation survey template captures feedback on the usage and performance satisfaction of your product's features, providing insights into customers' usage habits.

Use this survey template for gathering feedback on product packaging, asking questions related to packaging's appeal, clarity of product information, representation of brand, and likelihood of purchase, among others.

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LimeSurvey’s template builder can help you create a survey that suits your needs and objectives. These customizable online surveys are easy to use, and can help you capture valuable insights from your target audience, so that you can make data-driven decisions that positively affect the trajectory of your business or organization.

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Easily gather feedback, applications, votes, and opinions from your audience quickly and efficiently with LimeSurvey’s wide variety of online survey templates that are accessible across devices. These visually appealing, customizable templates will help you collect the data you need from your target audience so that you can ensure future success.

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Looking for even more online survey templates? LimeSurvey can help! Discover a plethora of customizable templates that make it easy for anyone to collect feedback, answers, and insights that will enable you to organize events, improve performance, create engaging programs, and ensure your audience is delighted. LimeSurvey is committed to helping people build effective and user-friendly surveys that drive success for your business or organization.