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Unlock the answers to improved healthcare offerings, patient care, and staff satisfaction with healthcare survey templates.

Struggling to identify the focus areas where your healthcare brand needs to improve? LimeSurvey’s healthcare survey templates are designed to capture the patient experience as well as provider performance. By gathering feedback on quality of patient care, medical facilities and procedures, compliance processes, and staff experience, you can have a more holistic view of how to improve your healthcare offerings for both patients and staff members. Launch your survey now!

Healthcare survey

This survey aims to gather information about people's physical fitness and exercise habits, including their motivation for physical activity, barriers to regular exercise, and satisfaction with gym or fitness center membership.

This survey template gauges the ease with which patients can make appointments, the professionalism and friendliness of the staff, and the quality of care provided during their healthcare visits.

This healthcare survey template covers an array of topics including the overall patient experience, the specific department or service visited, and the quality of care provided.

The objective of this healthcare survey template is to measure patient satisfaction, assess the quality of care provided, and evaluate the accessibility of the care services.

The stress survey template is designed to collect data on individuals' stress levels, what contributes to these levels, and the mechanisms they utilize to cope with their stress.

The health history questionnaire gathers vital information about a patient's personal medical history, family health background, lifestyle choices, and environmental exposures.

This survey is about measuring an individual's level of happiness through various factors such as emotional well-being, social connections, work and money, personal growth, physical health, gratitude, and mindfulness.

This survey template is designed to assess a person's alcohol consumption, examining its effects on work, relationships, and physical health, while also documenting any attempts to minimize alcohol intake.

This mental health assessment questionnaire gathers demographic information, mental health history, symptoms, stressors, and coping mechanisms.

This patient satisfaction survey template collects demographic information and details about the patient's visit, soliciting feedback on their experience with the care and facilities.

This health survey is designed to gather demographic details, lifestyle habits, medical history, and screening test outcomes, aiming to evaluate an individual's overall health and identify any possible health concerns.

This patient information form is used for mental health assessments.

This B2B Survey template obtains feedback on a company's services, which includes the length of use, level of satisfaction, and likelihood to recommend, offering key insights into areas that may require improvement.

Healthcare Survey Template Builder

Embrace LimeSurvey’s healthcare survey builder to create a custom survey that is tailored to your business’s specific needs, questions, and concerns. Whether it’s quality of care, the efficacy of telehealth services, or employee satisfaction, you can gain valuable feedback and insights that will help you pinpoint areas for improvement so that you can provide better experiences for patients and employees.

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More Survey Template Types

Discover LimeSurvey’s easy-to-implement healthcare survey templates that can help you receive important feedback on a wide range of topics. With a LimeSurvey template, you can dig deep into pain points such as appointment scheduling and patient history management, experiences with insurance providers, and clarity of medication instructions, so that you can identify how to ease these barriers, eliminate friction, and ensure your healthcare business achieves the best possible outcomes.

Best Healthcare Questionnaires and Feedback Form Templates

By using our healthcare-specific survey templates, you can quickly gather actionable insights on patient experience, community health concerns, and staff perspectives to better understand how your company can provide high-quality care and ensure team members are happy. Explore a plethora of healthcare surveys to determine what best suits your needs, and work with LimeSurvey to gain the feedback you need to deliver excellent patient care, improve internal processes, and empower your staff.