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Building a better world takes time and effort. At LimeSurvey, we know it is crucial to listen to people actively involved in doing the work — the donors and volunteers who give their time and resources to uplift and empower others. Use LimeSurvey's templates to gather feedback on the effectiveness of your non-profit's programs, and use the insights gathered to create impactful social initiatives that positively benefit us all.

Nonprofit survey

This donation form helps churches collect donations by allowing donors to choose the amount, frequency, and method of payment, and even select specific programs or initiatives to support.

This church form template solicits information about membership, attendance patterns, and interest in various events and programs.

This library registration form gathers personal details, mailing address, and library card number if applicable, along with preferences related to the type of library card desired.

The church registration form template collects personal details, religious background, and membership information to gauge interest in church membership.

The volunteer survey template collects feedback from volunteers concerning their experience with the organization, touching on elements like role fulfillment and time commitment.

This church survey template collects demographic data and gauges satisfaction with various aspects such as the worship experience, community involvement, and the church's volunteer opportunities, facilities, and services.

This sponsorship form template gathers information about a company, its sponsorship objectives, the target audience, and budget details.

This donation form template incorporates questions regarding the donor's personal information, the amount they wish to donate, and their preferred payment method.

This donation form template incorporates questions regarding the donor's personal information, the amount they wish to donate, and their preferred payment method.

The volunteer application form template gathers essential information about prospective volunteers, such as their contact details, relevant experience, and availability.

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From navigating compliance regulations to ensuring the expectations of beneficiaries are met, non-profits have a stacked plate. There's one aspect we can help with: helping cut down some of the paperwork by making it easier for you to gather feedback. Use our templates to gain a better understanding of donor, staff, and local community perspectives.

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More survey template types

At LimeSurvey, we offer templates for several types of non-profits, and for a wide array of purposes. You can customize our survey templates to suit your needs, whether you are seeking donations, are encouraging volunteers to sign-up to help with an event, or need sponsorships for a charitable initiative, we’ve got you covered.

Best Nonprofit Questionnaires and Feedback Form Templates

From volunteer engagement, membership enrollment, and donor satisfaction, there's a lot that non-profits have to keep track of. With LimeSurvey’s fully customizable surveys, you can tailor our templates to gather important feedback, better understand the local community, and unlock priceless insights that empower your organization to work more productively, plan more efficiently, and be better set up for future success.