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Let LimeSurvey help you easily obtain the information you need for your studies, with the best free, easy and anonymous student surveys and questionnaires.

Empirical research lies at the heart of many undergraduate dissertations, master's theses and doctorates. When working on projects like these, students often have more important things to do than spend time trying to understand complicated survey software. We have the solution: try LimeSurvey’s student surveys – probably the simplest online survey tool for student surveys of a professional standard. Student polls or student questionnaires, our surveys help you complete your work at university. Want to start a student satisfaction survey or an online student poll? Start right here, right now.

Large community

Exchange ideas and enlist support. LimeSurvey is backed by a large community of long-standing users who are happy to help with advice and practical help.

Create your first surveys quickly

There’s no need to struggle when creating surveys for students: LimeSurvey is designed to be intuitive and self-explanatory. Making a survey with plenty of brains is a no-brainer here.
A lime ready to be squeezed.

Simple data export

Export collected survey data quickly for processing in other programs (IBM SPSS Statistics, Excel, R, Stata, etc.).

Use of conditions

Develop individual scenarios by asking each participant only relevant questions at any point in the survey.

Participant management

Invite participants by email directly from LimeSurvey, or send reminders to those who have not yet completed your questionnaire.

Data security

Choose where to store your data and safeguard yourself by obtaining consent in compliance with the GDPR. It’s critical to us that your data belongs solely to you.

Research like a professional.

What do your fellow students think? What’s the opinion of your research group? Does your hypothesis stand up to being squeezed by many? Whether you’re writing an undergraduate dissertation, a master's thesis or a doctorate, there are many questions to answer. An online questionnaire is the best effective tool for this. LimeSurvey lets you create your survey in just a few minutes, without any previous experience.

And it doesn’t have to cost a lot. On LimeSurvey, students receive an incredible 50% discount!

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Frequently asked questions

We are very concerned about security. Your survey/response data is stored in a separate database with a separate username/password for each LimeSurvey Cloud instance. The connection of your browser to our servers is also encrypted using SSL.

The data inside LimeSurvey is by default not encrypted because it is regularly accessed by the LimeSurvey application (it is not at rest); however, you can configure responses to certain question types to be always encrypted at rest. Moreover, for participant data, you can select certain fields to be always encrypted.

Furthermore, we create daily backups of your LimeSurvey data. That data is at rest and encrypted, stored safely on a different drive, but at the same hosting location.

If you cancel your subscription, you will continue to have access to all features of your plan for the time period you already paid (this is the same for LimeSurvey ComfortUpdate and LimeSurvey Cloud). If you are using LimeSurvey Cloud and the subscription has expired, you will fall back to the Free package. You will still be able to access all collected responses and use all features of the Free version.

LimeSurvey Discounts

Teachers 30%
Students 50%
Non-profits 30%

Teachers and students must agree to only use LimeSurvey for classroom related work.

Applying for a discount is easy. There are only a few steps.

Step 1: Sign up for a free LimeSurvey account.

Step 2: Right after you sign up:

  • For teachers: Email us your username and a scanned copy of the back and the front of your valid faculty ID.
  • For Students: Email us your username and a scanned copy of the back and the front of your valid student ID.
  • For non-profits: Email us your username and proof of your non-profit status or proof of your non-profit work (website, flyer or similar).

We will apply the discount after verifying the documents.

Step 3: We will send you a confirmation email after we applied the discount.

Step 4: Now you can order, and the discount should be automatically applied.  If it is not applied, do not order, but please get back in touch with us. Discounts cannot be applied retroactively!

Please note: Discounts are bound to the entity applying for the discount. For example, it is not allowed to apply for a student discount, then use a company invoicing address on ordering.
At its own discretion, LimeSurvey reserves the right to decline the offer of a discount or to end/revert the discount due to suspected abuse.

If you are using our LimeSurvey Cloud hosting:

When creating your LimeSurvey Cloud instance, you will be asked for the server location, where we will host your data. Currently, we offer the following hosting locations:

  • Germany (recommended for EU customers)
  • Finland (recommended for EU customers)
  • United Kingdom
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Australia

After selecting a location, we will store your data exclusively on a server in that country.

If you are using our LimeSurvey Community Edition:

In that case, all your data is stored on your or your provider’s server (usually the one where you installed LimeSurvey).

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Get off to a flying start in your studies thanks to our straightforward online survey tool.

Simple yet efficient: just use our standard surveys and edit them to meet your tastes and needs, or create your own detailed questionnaire yourself. Students also have full access to all of LimeSurvey’s features.

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