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LimeSurvey as a perfect solution for professional market research.

Only when you know your customers and target markets in detail can you make the right decisions. We provide all the features you need to conduct efficient market research in the form of a practical all-round tool. It's easy to use and therefore ensures quick results.

Quota management

Collect only the data you really need by defining participation quotas and creating representative samples from them.

Integration of external panels

Integrate external panel providers of your choice by assigning participant IDs in LimeSurvey and ensuring the highest completion quality.

Expression Script

Use an internal LimeSurvey script language to create complex surveys so you have maximum freedom to operate.

Use of conditions

Develop individual scenarios by asking each participant only relevant questions at any point in the survey.

Participant management

Invite participants by email directly from LimeSurvey or send reminders to those who have not yet completed your questionnaire.

Data security

Choose where your data are stored and safeguard yourself by obtaining consent in compliance with the GDPR. It’s very important to us that your data belongs solely to you.

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LimeSurvey is designed to make your life much easier when it comes to market research: Our online platform lets you create surveys in next to no time. This gives you more time for evaluation and analysis – in other words, for the things that really matter.

Self-explanatory functions and a wide range of features let you tailor any survey to your needs. In terms of both content and design.

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28 ready-to-go
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Create your first surveys quickly

Maximum data security

Think one step ahead.

Step into a bright future with our simple online survey tool.

Anyone involved in market research needs an efficient tool that works easily and provides numerous solutions. With LimeSurvey, we’re delighted to give you just that. So you can always keep a close eye on the market and recognise trends as they emerge.

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