Library registration form template

This library registration form gathers personal details, mailing address, and library card number if applicable, along with preferences related to the type of library card desired.

The form also records interest in receiving notifications and updates, accessing digital resources, attending library events, and staying informed about library news.

Library registration form survey

Example questions

1. Are you a resident of the city or town where the library is located?
2. What type of library card would you like to apply for
3. Do you have any existing fines or fees owed to the library?
4. Would you like to receive notifications and updates from the library via email or mail?
5. Are you interested in accessing digital resources such as e-books and online databases?
6. Are you interested in attending library events or programs (e.g. book clubs, workshops, lectures)?
7. How did you hear about our library?

Library Registration Form Template Builder

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