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Editions & Pricing: Pro

Features of LimeSurvey Professional

A lot of great features to ask your questions.

SSL encryption

Remove LimeSurvey Logo (white-label)

Space for Uploads
10 MB
250 MB
1 GB
3 GB

Max. number of responses

25/month - 100 000/year

25 / month 
1000 / month 
10.000 / year
100.000 / year

Unlimited administrators and surveys

Your individual subdomain

Domain Aliasing (on your own)

(1 Domain)

(2 Domains)


Unlimited number of surveys

Additional administrators

Question types


Matrix (5 point-select)

Matrix (10 point-select)

Matrix (yes/ no/ uncertain)

Matrix (increment/ equal / decrement)

Matrix (by column)

Matrix (dual)

Matrix (numbers)

Matrix (texts)



Numeric input

Multiple numeric input




yes/ no

Language changer

Multiple choice

Multiple choice with commentary

List selectbox

List options

List options (5 point-select)

List with commentary

Multiple short texts

Short free-text

Long free-text

Extended free-text



Multiple languages

Number of languages available
more than 80
more than 80
more than 80
more than 80

Multiple languages in a survey

Quicktranslate mode

Google-Translator© Support

Panel integration

Quota definition

Predefined end-urls

Transfer of external parameters

Prefill of questions through the url

Question definition


Edit HTML directly

Insert your own JavaScript

Insert pictures and videos (HTML5)

Reusable labels

Import and export of surveys and questions

Randomization of questions and questiongroups

Survey logic

Skip Logic/ Branching

Piping und Micro Tailoring

Asessement rules and values

Range of coverage

Open and restricted surveys

Custommizable mass-email invitations/reminders

Use your own mailserver

Internal LimeService mailservers

Automatic bounce-handling


Limit time to take the survey

Datasecurity & anonymization

Anonymized surveys


Support for Google Analytics©


Public registration

Pause and continue the survey

Prevent multiple surveytaking (Cookies)

CAPTCHA Anti-spam

Survey design

Diverse surveydesigns

Plus extra from our member-area

Plus extra from our member-area

Responsive survey-pages

Customized surveydesign (HTML, CSS, JS)

Answer statistics & reporting


Dataentry in the Backend

Quickstatistics with graphical views and export

Dataexport to SPSS, R, Stata, CSV, Microsoft Excel©, PDF

Export to archive

Public Statistics


Screen-Reader Compatibility

W3C Compliance


RemoteControl API by XML-RPC or JSON-RPC

Yes. Your subscription will fall back to the FREE plan after the paid period is over (assumg that you cancelled it). Please note that some features (such as domain aliasing) are only available with a paid subscription.

Yes. At the end of each subscription period your response volume is reset.
For example, the BASIC package will set your response volume to 1000 at the end of your month period.

No. Only after the paid subscription period has ended will your subscription fall back to the FREE package, which will set your account to 25 responses.

We are sorry, but the prepaid packages are not available anymore and will also not return in the future.
We're sorry, but we cannot give discounts for purchases in the past.

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