Workshop evaluation form template

The workshop evaluation form template aims to gather feedback from attendees on aspects like the quality, content, instructor, and organization of a workshop.

With its focus on suggestions for improvement, it aids organizers in enhancing future events and better meeting the needs of participants.


Workshop evaluation form survey

Example Questions

1. How would you rate the overall quality of the workshop?
2. Was the workshop content relevant to your needs?
3. Was the pace of the workshop appropriate?
4. Was the instructor knowledgeable and engaging?
5. Was the workshop materials and resources helpful?
6. Was the length of the workshop appropriate?
7. Was the workshop well-organized and run efficiently?
8. Was the workshop location convenient and accessible?
9. Was the workshop value for money?
10. How likely are you to attend another workshop in the future?
11. Do you have any suggestions for improving future workshops?
If yes, please specify

Workshop Evaluation Form Template Builder

With LimeSurvey's event survey builder, you can easily create and customize surveys to collect valuable feedback and insights about your events, enabling you to continuously improve and meet the needs of your attendees.

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