Event planning questionnaire template

This event planning questionnaire helps event planners gathering important information to execute a successful event.

The form covers details such as the purpose, date, time, expected number of attendees, venue, event format, budget, catering, audio/visual equipment, speakers, event promotion, branding, and additional services or requirements.

Event planning questionnaire survey

Example Questions

1. What is the purpose or goal of the event?
2. What is the preferred date and time for the event?
3. What is the estimated duration of the event?
4. What is the expected number of attendees?
5. What type of venue do you have in mind?

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6. What is the desired event format?

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7. What is the anticipated budget for the event?
8. Do you require any specific audio/visual equipment or technical support?
9. Are there any speakers or presenters you would like to invite or feature at the event?
10. What is the desired event format?

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11. Do you have any specific dietary restrictions or preferences to consider?
12. Will you need event promotion or marketing assistance?
13. Do you have any specific branding or design elements you want to incorporate into the event?
14. Are there any additional services or requirements needed for the event?

e.g., transportation, accommodation, accessibility, etc

15. Please provide any other relevant details or information that will help us better understand your event planning needs

Event Planning Questionnaire Template Builder

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