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Gather valuable insights and optimize your meeting planning with LimeSurvey's meeting planning surveys.

Use customizable questionnaires and forms to collect feedback from attendees and stakeholders, and make data-driven decisions that improve the effectiveness and success of your meetings. With LimeSurvey, create impactful experiences that drive collaboration, engagement, and productivity.

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Meeting Planning Survey Templates

How to create effective online surveys?


Conducting meeting planning surveys is important to ensure that events run smoothly and effectively. These surveys can provide insights into attendee needs and preferences, allowing organizers to tailor the event to their expectations. By using meeting planning surveys, organizations can improve the attendee experience and overall satisfaction with the event.

Identify the purpose of the meeting and what information is needed to achieve it.

Keep the survey brief and to the point, focusing on the most important aspects of meeting planning.

Use clear and concise language to avoid confusion or misunderstandings.

Include both closed-ended and open-ended questions to gather quantitative and qualitative data.

Allow for anonymous responses to encourage honesty and openness.

Use a mix of question types, including multiple choice, rating scales, and open text fields.

Tailor the survey to different stakeholders, such as attendees, organizers, and presenters.

Test the survey with a small group before sending it out to ensure clarity and effectiveness.

Provide a deadline for survey completion to encourage timely responses.

Use the survey results to make informed decisions and improve future meeting planning.

Meeting Planning Survey Builder

The Meeting Planning Survey Builder from LimeSurvey offers an intuitive platform for designing personalized forms and questionnaires that simplify your meeting planning operations, enabling you to obtain meaningful feedback and perspectives from attendees that drive effective and efficient meetings.

  • Custom number of responses/year
  • Custom upload storage
  • Corporate support
  • Custom number of alias domains
  • Dedicated server
  • So much more…

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