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Use LimeSurvey’s event planning surveys to gather valuable insights from attendees and stakeholders. With customizable questionnaires and forms, you can gather reliable data and make informed decisions that drive success and growth for your event planning.

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How to create effective event planning surveys?


Using event planning forms is essential to ensure that all aspects of an event are properly organized and executed. By using an event planning form, event planners can identify potential issues and take steps to address them before the event. Event planning forms can also help ensure that events are on schedule and within budget, while also maximizing attendee satisfaction.

Determine the purpose of the event planning survey and what you hope to gain from it.

Identify the target audience for the survey, such as attendees, vendors, or sponsors.

Use clear and concise language in your survey questions, and avoid industry jargon or complicated terms.

Ask open-ended questions to allow respondents to provide detailed feedback.

Include multiple choice questions with a range of options to gather specific feedback.

Utilize rating scales to gauge respondent satisfaction or preferences.

Keep the survey relatively short to avoid respondent fatigue, but still gather enough data to inform decision making.

Offer an incentive, such as a prize draw or discount code, to encourage participation.

Use a mix of question types, such as multiple choice, rating scales, and open-ended, to provide a well-rounded view of respondent feedback.

Consider using skip logic to direct respondents to specific questions based on their previous answers.

Event Planning Survey Builder

Our Event Planning Survey Builder empowers you to create custom surveys with ease, helping you gather valuable feedback from attendees, identify areas of improvement, and optimize your event planning process for greater success.

  • Custom number of responses/year
  • Custom upload storage
  • Corporate support
  • Custom number of alias domains
  • Dedicated server
  • So much more…

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