Employee evaluation template

This employee evaluation survey template measures an employee's job performance, skills and knowledge, and quality of work, enabling employers to evaluate their employees' effectiveness.

The survey also assesses communication and interpersonal skills, goal-setting, and planning abilities, while also providing an avenue for overall feedback, thus identifying potential areas for improvement.

Employee evaluation survey

Example questions

Demographic Information

Job Performance

1. Meets or exceeds job requirements
2. Consistently performs duties in a timely and efficient manner
3. Shows initiative and takes on additional responsibilities
4. Works well with colleagues and management

Skills and Knowledge

1. Possesses necessary skills and knowledge for the role
2. Shows a willingness to learn and improve
3. Utilizes resources effectively
4. Demonstrates technical proficiency

Quality of Work

1. Produces work of high quality
2. Pays attention to detail
3. Consistently follows procedures and protocols
4. Completes projects on time and within budget

Communication and Interpersonal Skills

1. Communicates effectively with colleagues and management
2. Demonstrates effective conflict resolution skills
3. Maintains a positive and professional demeanor
4. Shows empathy and respect for others

Goal-Setting and Planning

1. Sets achievable and realistic goals
2. Prioritizes tasks effectively
3. Develops and implements action plans
4. Monitors progress towards goals and adjusts as necessary

Overall Feedback

1. Any additional comments or suggestions for improvement

Employee Evaluation Template Builder

LimeSurvey's employee evaluation builder empowers you to create detailed performance reviews that accurately assess your employees' skills, knowledge, and job performance, providing valuable feedback to help them grow and develop in their roles.

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