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How to create effective instructor surveys?


Creating effective instructor surveys is essential to gather valuable feedback from students and improve the teaching and learning experience. Here we provide tips and best practices to help you design and conduct instructor surveys that yield actionable insights and drive positive change in your classroom. From crafting the right questions to analyzing the results, we’ve got you covered.

Start with clear objectives for your instructor survey and define the key areas of feedback you want to capture, such as teaching effectiveness or course materials.

Keep your survey questions short and focused, avoiding ambiguity and jargon that might confuse respondents.

Use Likert scales or other rating systems to enable respondents to provide feedback on a graduated scale.

Offer open-ended questions that allow instructors to elaborate on their experiences or offer suggestions for improvement.

Consider sending reminder emails or other prompts to encourage higher response rates from instructors.

Use anonymity or confidentiality protections to encourage honest feedback from instructors.

Make sure to address any potential biases or limitations in your survey sample or design.

Pilot test your survey with a small group of instructors to identify any issues or problems before launching it to a wider audience.

Consider incentivizing participation with rewards or other benefits for instructors who complete the survey.

Use the feedback from your instructor survey to inform improvements or changes to your teaching methods or course materials.

Instructor Survey Builder

Elevate the quality of your courses with our Instructor Survey Builder, a user-friendly tool designed to help you gather valuable feedback from students through customizable questionnaires and forms, generating actionable insights that improve instructor performance, engagement and satisfaction.

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