LimeInterview #1: Meet our partner "Tools for Reseach"


LimeSurvey is not only about the software itself, but also about the community that revolves around it. Community that proposes features, finds bugs, and pushes fixes into our wonderful software. That is why we have decided to start publishing a series of interviews on our blog with our partners who have been helping our community thrive since its incipient phase.

LimeInterview #2: Meet our partner "ACSPRI"

We continue our series of #LimeInterviews with Adam Zammit from ACSPRI (Australian Consortium for Social & Political Research Inc.), a not-for-profit organisation based in Australia. Their services are generally geared towards the members of the association, but he and his team also provide "usual" LimeSurvey services such as installation, hosting, survey programming, customization, and theme development.
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