Product feedback template

This product feedback survey invites customers to evaluate their experience with a product or service, measuring their satisfaction with its quality and value for money, and ascertaining whether they would recommend it to others.

Additional questions delve into what customers liked and disliked, any confusion or problems they faced, and their suggestions for improvement.

Product feedback survey

Example questions

1. How would you rate your overall experience with [product/service name]?
2. How satisfied are you with the quality of [product/service name]?
3. How satisfied are you with the value for money provided by [product/service name]?
4. How likely are you to recommend [product/service name] to others?
5. What did you like most about [product/service name]?
6. What did you like least about [product/service name]?
7. Was there anything about [product/service name] that was not clear or that you had trouble with?
8. Are there any changes you would like to see in [product/service name]?

Product Feedback Template Builder

LimeSurvey's product feedback survey builder allows businesses to gather valuable insights from their customers about their experiences with a particular product or service, helping to identify areas for improvement and boost customer satisfaction.

  • Easy and simple to use
  • Statistics
  • Questionnaire templates
  • GDPR compliance
  • So much more…

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