Mental health assessment template

This patient information form is used for mental health assessments.

It includes questions related to the patient's chief complaint, symptoms, mood, sleep, energy, appetite, concentration, thoughts, perception, behavior, medical and mental health history, risk assessment for suicide, homicide, substance abuse, and self-harm, as well as a mental status examination and treatment plan.

Mental Health Assessment Template Builder

Discover LimeSurvey's mental health assessment survey builder, allowing mental health professionals to easily create and customize assessments that provide valuable information on patient symptoms, history, and risk factors to guide treatment planning and improve patient outcomes.

  • Easy and simple to use
  • Statistics
  • Questionnaire templates
  • GDPR compliance
  • So much more…

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Mental health assessment questionnaires and template forms provide a standardized and structured approach to identifying mental health symptoms and risk factors, facilitating accurate diagnosis and treatment planning for mental health professionals, and ultimately improving patient outcomes.
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