Health survey template

This health survey is designed to gather demographic details, lifestyle habits, medical history, and screening test outcomes, aiming to evaluate an individual's overall health and identify any possible health concerns.

Additionally, it collects contact information for the individual's primary care physician, ensuring seamless coordination and communication regarding the patient's health status.

Health Survey Template Builder

Discover LimeSurvey's health survey builder and create surveys that will help you gather valuable insights on the demographics, lifestyle habits, medical history, and overall health of your patients, enabling you to provide more personalized and effective care.

  • Easy and simple to use
  • Statistics
  • Questionnaire templates
  • GDPR compliance
  • So much more…

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Health questionnaires and template forms provide a comprehensive and structured way to gather important information about an individual's health, lifestyle habits, medical history, and screening test results, which can be used by healthcare professionals to assess and monitor their patients' health status, identify potential health risks and provide personalized care.
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