Employee satisfaction survey template

This employee satisfaction survey template gathers information related to job satisfaction, the work environment, and opportunities for growth, empowering companies to pinpoint areas of improvement.

The template also explores aspects such as work-life balance, management style, compensation, and benefits, all critical factors for boosting employee retention and engagement.


Employee satisfaction survey

Example questions

Demographic Information

Job Satisfaction

1. I am satisfied with my job
2. I feel challenged in my role
3. I am proud to work for this company
4. I receive adequate recognition and rewards for my work

Work Environment

1. I have a positive relationship with my colleagues
2. I have a positive relationship with my supervisor
3. The company fosters a positive work environment
4. The company provides the necessary resources for me to do my job

Opportunities for Growth

1. I have opportunities for professional development
2. I have opportunities for career advancement
3. I am encouraged to share my ideas and suggestions
4. I have opportunities to improve my skills

Work-Life Balance

1. I have a good work-life balance
2. I have the flexibility to take time off when I need it
3. I feel valued for my contributions outside of work


1. My supervisor provides clear directio
2. My supervisor is approachable and supportive
3. My supervisor is fair and impartial
4. Management treats employees with respect

Compensation and Benefits

1. I am satisfied with my salary and benefits
2. I feel that my compensation is competitive
3. I am satisfied with the company's benefits package

Overall Feedback

1. Any additional comments or suggestions for improvement

Employee Satisfaction Survey Template Builder

LimeSurvey's employee engagement survey builder empowers businesses to gather insightful feedback from their employees to measure their level of job satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and ultimately improve their overall employee engagement.

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