Pulse survey template

This pulse survey template is designed to assess employee satisfaction, motivation, and engagement levels, along with their perceptions of the work environment and communication channels, thereby providing organizations with key insights.

The survey also evaluates employees' opinions on opportunities for growth and work-life balance, enabling organizations to enhance their employee experience and cultivate a more positive organizational culture.

Pulse survey

Example questions

Demographic Information

Overall Satisfaction

1. I am satisfied with my job
2. I am motivated to do my best at work
3. I am proud to work for this company
4. I feel valued as an employee

Work Environment

1. I have a positive relationship with my colleagues
2. I have a positive relationship with my supervisor
3. The company fosters a positive work environment
4. The company provides the necessary resources for me to do my job


1. I feel that the company communicates effectively with employees
2. I receive clear and consistent information from my supervisor
3. The company encourages open communication
4. I have a clear understanding of my role and responsibilities

Opportunities for Growth

1. I have opportunities for professional development
2. I have opportunities for career advancement
3. I am encouraged to share my ideas and suggestions

Work-Life Balance

1. I have a good work-life balance
2. I have the flexibility to take time off when I need it
3. I feel valued for my contributions outside of work

Overall Feedback

1. Any additional comments or suggestions for improvement

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