Product feedback form template

With the aim to collect customer insights, this product feedback form template seeks information on customers' satisfaction regarding the product's quality, price, ease of use, and overall performance.

It also inquires about the customers' motives for purchasing the product and their likelihood to recommend it to others, providing critical feedback that can illuminate potential areas for improvement.

Product feedback survey

Example questions

1. How frequently do you use [product name]?
2. What motivated you to purchase [product name]?

(Please select all that apply)

3. How satisfied are you with [product name]?
4. How easy was it to use [product name]?
5. How would you rate the overall performance of [product name]?
6. Did [product name] meet your expectations?
7. If you answered "no" to the previous question, what was the primary reason?
8. How likely are you to recommend [product name] to others?
9. Are there any areas of improvement you would suggest for [product name]?

Product Feedback Form Template Builder

Discover LimeSurvey's product feedback survey builder to gain valuable insights into your product's performance, ease of use, and customer satisfaction levels, and improve your offerings to meet the needs of your customers.

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