Product experience survey template

This product experience survey template aims to evaluate customer satisfaction and gather feedback about customers' interaction with a specific product, delving into aspects like ease of use and reliability.

The insights garnered from this survey aid businesses in improving their product and better-accommodating customer needs, which includes aspects like customer support and more.

Product experience survey

Example questions

1. How often do you use [product name]?
2. What motivated you to purchase [product name]?

(Please select all that apply)

3. How satisfied are you with your experience using [product name]?
4. How easy was it to set up and start using [product name]?
5. How reliable is [product name]?
6. Does [product name] meet your needs and expectations?
7. If you answered "no" to the previous question, what was the primary reason?
8.Have you experienced any technical issues while using [product name]?
9. How would you rate the customer support provided by [product name]?
10. How likely are you to continue using [product name]?
11. Are there any areas of improvement you would suggest for [product name]?

Product Experience Survey Template Builder

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