Wait? Isn't LimeSurvey free open source software - why should I pay for it?

Yes, LimeSurvey software is free open source - everyone can use, modify and distribute it for commercial, private and educational purposes under the GPL license v3
(exception: the name and logo LimeSurvey is trademarked, so please don't advertise commercial services using the LimeSurvey brand.)
The development of LimeSurvey has moved to a professional level, so we need funding to pay our developers.
That is why we now offer a ComfortUpdate package for LimeSurvey.
At first, this ComfortUpdate package will include ComfortUpdate only, which can be used to conveniently update LimeSurvey from within the application. If you don't want to use the ComfortUpdate function, you can still update to the latest version manually.
At a later point, we will add more functions to the ComfortUpdate package, so stay tuned!

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