What is domain aliasing and how do I set it up?

Survey participants might be hesitant to participate due to the LimeSurvey Cloud URL in the address bar, e.g. following a click on a survey link from your website/invitation email, the URL changes to ‘yourdomain.limequery.com’.
Domain aliasing allows you to use your own website domain for your survey.
Your regular website is "https://www.mydomain.com". Your LimeSurvey Cloud site is at "https://mydomain.limesurvey.net".  By using domain aliasing, you can e.g. use "https://survey.mydomain.com" for your LimeSurvey site so that your participants only get to see this domain in their address bar.

Domain aliasing is only available as part of the EXPERT, ENTERPRISE or CORPORATE subscription.

This is how it works:
  1. Open the administration panel of your domain/hosting provider where you host mydomain.com and search for the DNS settings. Change or create a DNS ‘CNAME’ entry for your preferred domain name (for example, ‘survey.mydomain.com’) and have it point to the domain name ('mydomain.limesurvey.net') of  your LimeSurvey Cloud instance.
  2. Edit your LimeSurvey Cloud settings and add your preferred domain name (without http://), for example ‘survey.mydomain.com’
  3. SSL & alias domains: If you use an alias domain, our system will try to automatically create an SSL key using Let's Encrypt. Note that this only works if the DNS entry is properly set (see step 1). Every time you save the alias domain URL in your LimeSurvey Cloud profile settings,  our system will try again to retrieve a key from Let's Encrypt.
  4. Alias URL in invitation/reminder emails: To fully use the new alias domain URL for your invitation/reminder emails, just log in at the administration URL of the alias domain, e.g. "http://yoursubdomain.limesurvey.net/admin"
  • It is not possible to set an alias to specific sub-pages/paths (such as "http://www.mydomain.com/test/test.html"), only full domain names are allowed. In most cases, a subdomain is the best choice, but root domains are also fine.
In case you have any further questions, don’t hesitate to refer to our support page.

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