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customer feedback

Customer feedback Customer reviews with Limesurvey Your customers are your capital which makes it essential for you to find out their likes and desires. Customer feedback is one of the most important factors in establishing...

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Feedback with LimeSurvey

Feedback with LimeSurvey Your feedback survey - anonymous and secure According to Albert Einstein 'Once you stop learning, you start dying'. The process of learning is therefore essential to move forward in life. One of the...

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The future of surveys

The history of surveys During a time with lesser technological possibilities, but an equally intense interest in gathering data on peoples' opinions and feedback, researchers had to walk from door to door in order to conduct...

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Creating LimeSurvey Questionnaires in Excel

LimeSurvey questionnaires can now be exported to Excel or other spreadsheet software tools (by going to Display/Export → Tab-separated-values format (*.txt) → Export), fully edited offline and then imported back to LimeSurvey...

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