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LimeSurvey offers a wide variety of online survey tools for universities, research institutes, and other educational establishments. Whether you're seeking feedback on student experiences, conducting research, or looking to improve courses, LImeSurvey can help universities craft surveys that provide valuable data and insights.

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What are university surveys?

LimeSurvey aims to provide teachers, professors, and educators with the best tools to conduct reliable research and gather critical feedback. Education surveys, academic research questionnaires, university polls — we’ve got something for everyone.

Advantages of university surveys


Higher educational institutions can use university surveys to improve educational and curriculum quality, ensure student and faculty satisfaction, and tailor their offerings to keep up with changing academic and industry standards.

University leaders can analyze survey data to refine existing academic offerings, aligning internal and external decisions with the needs and expectations of the university community.

Academic deans and department heads can use survey insights to evaluate the existing curriculum and update it accordingly.

University HR teams can use survey feedback to improve faculty and staff satisfaction.

Student affairs professionals and academic advisors to assess student experiences and satisfaction, and implement changes accordingly.

Educators and faculty members can use feedback to tailor their teaching strategies to better align with the learning styles and needs of students.

Researchers, professors, and students can rely on surveys to collect data for studies and research projects, thus enriching the existing database of student knowledge.

Using survey feedback, facility managers and campus planners can upgrade campus infrastructure.

Faculty members and researchers can gather data for academic research.

Alumni relations teams can collect feedback on alumni engagement and satisfaction, and brainstorm new ways of maintaining long-term relationships with the university’s alumni.

Insights from surveys can help career services tailor their career guidance to students’ current needs.

Different types of university surveys
University surveys serve a wide variety of purposes. From gathering feedback from students, to acting as a handy research tool for a larger academic study, these surveys encourage authentic responses on pertinent issues related to universities. The following are some common types of university surveys

The best university survey questions


- Overall, how satisfied are you with your university experience?
- How likely are you to recommend your university to a friend or peer?
- How satisfied are you with the quality of your academics and coursework?
- How satisfied are you with the quality of the academic and extracurricular facilities on campus (libraries, sports and recreational facilities, artistic venues)
- Do you find these services helpful, accessible, and convenient?

- How would you rate your instructor’s overall effectiveness?
- Did they demonstrate a strong knowledge of the subject matter?
- Were their explanations clear and easy to understand?
- How would you rate the organization and structure of the course?
- How satisfied were you with the availability and usefulness of learning resources (textbooks, readings, online materials)?

- What is your current employment status? If employed, please provide details (employer, salary, position)
- How satisfied are you with your current employment situation?
- To what extent is your current job relevant to your degree?
- Have you stayed connected with your university since graduation?
- How satisfied are you with your academic experience?

- On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate your overall mental health and well-being?
- Are you able to easily access on-campus medical and wellness services offered by the university?
- Have you ever used these services? If not, what would encourage you to use them?
- Do you feel supported by your peers, professors, and academic counselors?
- Do you feel stigmatized when seeking out these services?

Example university survey template

The university application form template is a standardized form that students fill out when applying to universities.

It includes sections for personal information, educational background, intended major, extracurricular activities, work experience, and references, allowing universities to evaluate the student's qualifications and suitability for admission.

Template tags

Tips to improve your university surveys

1. Consult students when designing questionnaires: This is key especially if the survey is aimed at students. Seek out advice from other students when it comes to creating surveys for students, as they would have detailed insights into issues valued by students.

2. Personalize survey invitations: When creating surveys for students, especially those aimed at smaller groups (for example, focus groups), make sure to address participants by name, and explain the purpose and importance of their feedback. This guarantees a higher likelihood of participation.

3. Keep the survey short: Students and faculty typically have busy schedules and deadlines to juggle, and would appreciate surveys being short, concise, and to-the-point.

How can LimeSurvey help with your university surveys?

Multimedia Support
Improve the survey’s visual aesthetics by integrating multimedia elements like images, videos, and audio.
User management
Manage those taking part in a survey, track their response behaviour, and exclude multiple responses by the same participant. Plus, create anonymous surveys.
User management and rights
Define the rights and roles of individual users, while keeping track of the large number of users involved.
Data protection
Safeguard yourself through consent in compliance with the GDPR and choose a location for the secure storage of your data, all of which is your personal property.
Log in as normal
Integrate LimeSurvey into the infrastructure of your university or college so that participants can log in with their existing user IDs.
Comprehensive data export
Export the survey results in just a few clicks. Make these available for processing and evaluation in applications such as Excel, SPSS, R or Stata.

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