Survey Design

6 tips to create successful surveys using the psychology of colours

Why are colours so important to us?

We are confronted with colours from the day we are born on for the rest of our lives. In this context, colours play a strong emotional role in our daily routines as they're connected to learnings and memories which facilitate awareness and recognition in all aspects of life.

Essentially, the way we were brought up and the culture within which we matured have a strong impact on how we perceive different colours and which meaning they carry.

How to present your survey: on one page or on multiple pages?


3 ways to present surveys to your audience

One of the first things to decide when setting up a survey is the general design and presentation style for your questions and answers. In this context, you have to choose the so-called format of displaying your survey.

Likert Scale: How to properly scale your survey responses

What exactly is a Likert Scale?

The Likert scale or Likert-type scale, named after its inventor, the American social scientist Rensis Likert, is a usually ordinal type of psychometric rating scale which is used to capture attitudes within an agreement-disagreement-range.
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