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survey expiring! help needed please!

2 years 5 months ago - 2 years 5 months ago #111872 by sully4411
Hello - someone please help me! The survey is active, but respondents keep saying they receive this error from timing out:


We are sorry but your session has expired.

Either you have been inactive for too long, you have cookies disabled for your browser, or there were problems with your connection.

Please contact Daniel Sullivan for further assistance.

Survey itself is here:

How can i fix this!? I've tried searching some of the settings, chgnging the htaccess file to include (what I think is) the register_globals on. but I dont think I have done this right either. Using A2 hosting!

Thank you,
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2 years 5 months ago #111884 by DenisChenu

See phpinfo to know how session is managed, think it's a server issue, not a LimeSUrvey issue.

You can test with Session in DB via application/config/config.php

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10 months 1 week ago - 10 months 1 week ago #134708 by first
I also faced same problem. Have you got any solution? I see this thread is also open.

I have a long survey and allowed respondents to print there responses .This error essage pops up when I try to print my responses.

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10 months 5 days ago #134885 by Luke
This is definitely a server configuration problem. I had this problem 3 days ago and the reason was... lack of disk space on the server.

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10 months 3 days ago #135010 by Drewskie
Also check your time settings between client/web/database server. I had a similar issue with another application where my web and database server times where different (hosted on different boxes) and this resulted in the cookie being expired as soon as it is issued.

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9 months 4 weeks ago #135200 by Neo8
I have the same message too and bin working on this issue for a while. Seems that there are several possible reasons for it. One possible reason was already mentioned by Jannet in this thread

In my case I figured out that this problem only occur if the user is entering the survey via a link from outlook. If I copy the link to the browser it works fine. If I send the Link via Lync it works, if I set the link on a intranet page it also works. It only fails if it is used out of outlook.

Dose somebody has the same issue?

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