Charts not displaying correctly in Statistics Simple Mode - looking squashed

1 year 1 month ago #155188 by iceclimber81
iceclimber81 created the topic: Charts not displaying correctly in Statistics Simple Mode - looking squashed
Dear LimeSurvey community,

When viewing the responses of my survey (67 questions, 17 complete responses) in simple mode, the bar charts for 13 questions are not displaying correctly - they look squashed or compressed; I'm attaching a screenshot for illustration (see question "What is your profession?"). This happens irrespective of which browser I use (Chrome, Safari).

I cannot identify a pattern in which questions this happens. 5-item rating scale (radio button) questions and multiple-choice (checkbox) questions are equally affected.

The console does not display errors; it shows 2 warnings that don't look related to the problem:

  • Google Maps API warning: NoApiKeys . util.js:219
    Google Maps API warning: SensorNotRequired . util.js:219

  • I'm copying the HTML source code of the squashed chart below. Any ideas what could be wrong or how to fix this would be much appreciated.
    <div class="col-sm-4 printable" style="margin-top: 2em;margin-bottom: 2em;">
            <h4>What is your profession?</h4>
    <!-- end of _statisticsoutput_header -->
    <!-- _statisticsoutput_graphs -->
                <!-- Charts -->
            <div class="row">
                <div class="col-sm-9 vcenter chartjs-container" id="chartjs-container-18" data-chartname="" data-qid="18" data-type="Bar" data-color="36">
                                <canvas class="canvas-chart " id="chartjs-18" width="484" height="364" data-color="36" style="width: 242px; height: 182px;"></canvas>
                <!-- legends -->
    <!-- Buttons to change graph type -->
            <div id="stats_599194X4X18" class="graphdisplay" style="text-align:center">
        statisticsData['quid'+'18'] = {
            labels : ["Mayor","Other elected local ...","Municipal or local g...","Municipal or local g...","Staff from Central A...","Development or Human...","NGO","Private sector","Other","No answer"],
            grawdata : ["5","0","4","4","1","0","1","0","2","0"], // the datas to generate the graph  
    <!-- endof  _statisticsoutput_graphs -->

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