After migrate my server the surveys doesn't work well

2 years 6 months ago #111954 by dmontier
Hi people,
after migrate my limesurvey istallation, my surveys doesn't work well.

My procediment...
i copy all the files and database restoring them in the new server
i already adjust the permissions

My results...
i access the admin page normally
but at access a survey with a token, i can access the second page of questions, but not the third page, when i click on the button next (or previous), the survey is stoped and i am redirected to the start page of limesurvey, as if the parameters of survey, token and others had been lost.

My attempts...
i install in a local server and work well
in the server, the apache logs don't show nothing

My doubts...
could be missing some apache extension?


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