Implications to delete questionindex line of code (at export) in .lss archive

2 years 8 months ago #110281 by csurvey2
Hi all,
i have a problem at exporting a survey because of the discrepancy between the version i used and the limesurvey on an university server, which could not be easily updated; i got the "Internal Server Error

Property "Survey.questionindex" is not defined."

One way to fix that is to delete in the .lss exported file, the two lines concerning questionindex :
is there a danger for the datas or for the good functioning of the survey in doing that modification?
To what refers this questionondex ?
The other recommended solution ( i would seriously consider) is to create again the whole survey on the university server, but i am bothered by the fact that export function exists :).

many thanks by advance for your help,

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