Is it possible to change the setting "Date stamp" once a survey is active

2 months 3 hours ago #192267 by ictfinance
I know that changing the setting "Date stamp" in an active survey is normally not possible. But I need to do it for the following reason:
We upgraded our instance of Limesurvey from version 1.92 to 3.18, in several steps. Migration went well: the database structure was appropriately upgraded.
But we face a very annoying problem: in the active surveys the answers were datestamped when running on the old version. But after the upgrade process they are not datestamped anymore. We can see in the survey settings that they are indeed not datestamped, and this value cannot be changed. The only way to change this setting is to inactivate the survey, then changing the setting, and re-activate it again. But then previous answers are archived. I tried this procedure, and re-imported answers after having re-activated the survey, but the datestamp info has gone. So I guess that datestamp info was not archived because the survey was set to not save this data.
If I export the answers before inactivating the survey and re-import them after re-activation, the problem is the same: datestamp info has gone.
It seems that the upgrade process didn't convert the setting for "date stamp" from the old version to the new one.
We host our own LS server, so I can access the database and the LS code. If anyone has a suggestion for changing the "date stamp" setting on active surveys, he's welcome.
best regards,

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1 month 4 weeks ago #192294 by DenisChenu
Question : did you have a direct access to the DB ?

If yes : you can
1. Check on lime_survey_XXXX if : startdate and datestamp exist : if not create as datetime
2. Control submitdate type : must be datetime
3. Set datestamp to Y in lime_surveys for this survey.

to control if datestamp is enable before upgrade : check if submitdate have real date or not.

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1 month 3 weeks ago #192364 by ictfinance
Thanks a lot for the answer. It works perfectly.
Best wishes for the new Year.

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