Tutorial gives up after creating the first question group

5 months 2 weeks ago #177971 by dimwatt
I'm using Version 3.15.5+181115 which I have just downloaded and installed on my Ubuntu server. I have tried several times to use the Beginner Tour tutorial. It starts ok and takes me through naming a new survey, with description, welcome and goodbye messages. Then we get the explanation of the sidebar and top menu. It then tells me to create a new question group, which seems to work ok. It tells me to click on "Save and add question". At this point the tutorial gives up and I am left on my own wondering what to do next. There is no further description of what to do.

So I'll go and read the manual - this is a shame because the tutorial looks like it would be quite helpful.

I am using Windows 10 and have tried this with Chrome, Firefox and Edge, all have the same problem.

I have also tried this on Demo.limesurvey.org/ and the same thing happens, so I do not think it is anything to do with my installation.

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