Upgrading an old Database

9 months 4 days ago - 9 months 4 days ago #167223 by davidphi
davidphi created the topic: Upgrading an old Database

I have an old (v2.50+, DB ver 259) limesurvey installation, where a previous employee made some undocumented changes to the code. We haven't been able to perform a comfort upgrade because of this and, for various reasons want to move servers too.

So - all I really have is a ver 259 DB, backed up from the current installation. If I try to move this to a new installation (the latest from the limesurvey site, currently v3.6.2 db ver 348), I get an Error 500 error when I try to connect to the admin site - I manually edited the config.php file to reflect the new DB name and string.

If I delete the config.php file, I am prompted to configure the initial settings, LS detects my DB, but as soon as it redirects over to the admin site I get the error 500.

I have enabled ssl_emergency_overide = true as the original install had forced HTTPS - the test one doesn't yet.

Does the DB have any configuration stored within it? Eg URL, path, PHP version, mySQL version etc? I tried enabling debug in config.php, but there didn't seem to be any logs created in application/logs/

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