Exclusive authentication method LDAP

1 year 2 months ago #160904 by guest_666
guest_666 created the topic: Exclusive authentication method LDAP

Now I can validate with two methods. "LimeSurvey internal database" and "LDAP". I only want validate with LDAP method and reserve "LimeSurvey internal database" in a shadow, to recovery this option in a catastrophic case.

To do this I investigated and at this moment only have one options.

- In the path: /application/core/plugins, cut the file "Authdb" to other site and reset the Apache and when I'll connect with one user credentials in "LimeSurvey internal database" the LimeSurvey report the message "LDAP authentication method is not allowed for this user" that's is the funcionality i need", but it's possible other method more ethic o clean to do this operation?

I belive other option is modify the Authdb.php, but what line or lines in this code I can modify?


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