corrupted layout in multiple question

1 year 3 weeks ago #158895 by Joffm
Joffm created the topic: corrupted layout in multiple question
Hi, all,

I use Tony's script to fix a number of sub-questions to the bottom of a multi-choice question.
<script type="text/javascript" charset="utf-8">
	$(document).ready(function() {
		// Identify this question
		var qID = {QID};
		var thisQuestion = $('#question'+qID);
		// Define the sub-question codes to be placed last
		var lastItems = ['SQ006', 'SQ007', 'SQ008'];
		// Loop through those sub-question codes 
		$.each(lastItems, function(i, val) {
			// Move that item to the end of the list
			// Multi-choice question
			if($(thisQuestion).hasClass('multiple-opt')) {
				$('.question-item[id$=X'+qID+val+']', thisQuestion).parent().appendTo($('.subquestion-list', thisQuestion));
			// Array question
			if($(thisQuestion).hasClass('array-flexible-row')) {
				$('.answers-list[id$=X'+qID+val+']', thisQuestion).appendTo($('table.subquestion-list', thisQuestion));

Works - nearly - fine.
Up to a screen width of 838 pixel. (see screenshot 1106)
But at a screen width of 837 the layout changes to (see screenshot 1107)

Is there any idea how to repair this?

Thanks in advance

LS Version 2.67.3+170728
sample attached

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