Send Invitation Email Problem

1 year 1 month ago - 1 year 1 month ago #155586 by madscience
madscience created the topic: Send Invitation Email Problem
Hi Limes!

I recently was confronted with the issue, that participants in my panel would not recieve email invitations sent via limesurvey. This problem first occured after updating from the 2.0 version to the current release.

- I send emails using the php mail function.
- My batch size is set to 20 emails.

It appeared, that only the first 20 participants would recieve the invitations. In the manual there is a hint to click the "next" button to send the next batch. But I do not see this button.

Even if I select the second batch manually (by clicking the select box on the left in my participants table) for ist does not work! In older limesurvey versions it was no issue to send large amount of emails by batch. Can anybody give me a hint how to fix this? Maybe it is a failure in the 2.65.2+170606 release?

Thanks and regards madscience!

P. S. Maybe this is the wrong forum. Please put it the correct one if chose wrong.
Last Edit: 1 year 1 month ago by madscience. Reason: Maybe the wrong forum

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