Array (Numbers) not saving subquestions values

1 year 8 months ago #155046 by b_satel

Using LimeSurvey for some weeks to create a survey with great feedback on functionality.

I am having the following issue:
- array numbers question 8 y-scale/ 5 x-scale subquestions
- it shows/ hides subquestions based on previous answers
- some y-scale subquestions have Relevance equation
- if Relevance equation contains !is_empty(list(some previous questions), they are not saved
eg. ((type.NAOK == "CA2") or (type.NAOK == "CA3")) and !is_empty(list(c1_SQ001_SQ002.NAOK,t1_SQ002.shown,s1_SQ002.shown,t1_SQ002.shown))
- if Relevance equation is just ((type.NAOK == "CA2") or (type.NAOK == "CA3")), the data is saved
- "some previous questions" are array or array numbers
- however, the show/ hide of subquestions is working

Is there a way to change list(..) into another kind of conditions so that it works?

Thank you

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