Embedded LimeSurvey In third party web application

1 year 9 months ago #152650 by Sourav_Alam
Hi Everyone,
I have a ready web application and a offline lime survey application up and running in my own system. I want the user of my web application to participate in survey without actually leaving my website( planing to scraping limesurvey question part in my web application, if possible). i do not have any clue how to do that.

So this are my questions:

1. how to embedded lime survey in my website ? ( is iFrame gonna work? if, yes. How to do the authentication ?)
2. from remote control 2 API, I've found some rpc routine ( api.limesurvey.org/classes/remotecontrol_handle.html ) to get some value from existing survey. Is there any list of methods which can help me in this case ?
3. I'm planing to do some analysis on the survey, any idea how to grab all the value of from database. Any suggestion regarding this will be highly appreciated.


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1 year 9 months ago #152703 by Joffm
Yes, iframe works.
Authentication? Who will get to your website? Do they have to register?
Show the iframe only to registered persons.

To get the data just connect to the database and read the table "survey_[surveyID].
I remember that there is a php script to do this and much more.
Just do a search for it.

Kind regards

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