Help for a total newbie (please!)

1 year 3 months ago #152549 by CanuckSailor
CanuckSailor created the topic: Help for a total newbie (please!)
Hi - please be gentle with me....I'd like to learn and need a teacher - or considering how little I know, a bunch of teachers!
Here's my situation. I'm about to add a retailing end to my business, which is writing and consulting, plus creating special events for sailors. I need to know more about what my customers current and prospective want and need - thus a survey. I had been considering Survey Monkey but with all its restrictions, I'd rather have my own resources to do this. Thus, Limesurvey.
LimeSurvey is available from my hosting company, so I can install it there to use. Hopefully that won't be a huge challenge. :cheer:
My question is - how do I then make use of it on my website? Do I create a page for a survey? What I want to end up with is a survey page on my site that I can direct people to...
Thanks very much for any guidance you can provide me. Hopefully at some point I'll have learned enough to help someone else like me in the future...

Canuck Sailor

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