PHP PDO driver library: Microsoft SQL Server (dblib) instead of MySQL

3 years 4 months ago #128599 by pdeli

Today I wanted to connect the LimeSurvey I host, but I got the following message:
Internal Server Error
CDbConnection failed to open the DB connection.
So I went on to check the integrity of the MySQL database and everything seemed (and still seems) ok.

So I thought that some files in the LimeSurvey directory might be damaged and I went on to download the latest versions of both LimeSurvey 2.05+ and LimeSurvey 2.5RC.

I uncompressed them and went on to copy the config.php file from the non-working LimeSurvey directory to the new ones, but got the same error as above.

So I scraped both new LimeSurvey directories re-uncompressed them and went on to try I genuine installation (with the LimeSurvey installer).

And here is where it gets interesting. In both 2.05+ and 2.5RC, under PHP PDO driver library LimeSurvey "sees" Microsoft SQL Server (dblib) whereas I have a MySQL database engine (and databases).

Is that normal? That's where my initial problem might come from? How can I get LimeSurvey to recognise MySQL instead of Microsoft stuff?

When I fill in the Database configuration details, and I click next I get the following error message:
Please fix the following input errors:
Connection with database failed. Please check database location, user name and password and try again.
I know my DB connection details are correct (I double checked everything and even went on to change the password in order to be sure that it was not an issue of forgotten password). I even went on to create a new database just to be on the safe side: does not work either...

Thanks in advance for any help,
pdeli :)


LimeSurvey Version: 2.00+ Build 130226


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