Survey questions sorting

1 year 2 months ago #163349 by AgostinoGiglio
I'm using the LimeSurvey RemoteControl API
and I'm facing a problem with the survey questions sorting.

I am able to create a survey, containing a group of questions.
The problem is that the "question_order" property I set for each question
seems to be ignored by LimeSurvey, during the question creation itself.

I would say that LimeSurvey override the "question_order" information,
in fact I get a different question order.

For example, using my software
I tried to create 4 questions, sorting each of them with the following
"question_order" property value:​

but what I get on LimeSurvey is a totally different sorting
(you can see the new "question_order" value into the red rectangle)

I don't understand where I'm wrong:
can you help me to solve the problem, please?

Thank you so much!

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