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Getting rid of the help question mark

2 years 7 months ago - 2 years 7 months ago #110326 by kingmaker

I am trying to get rid of the question mark in the help.

Here is what I did :

1. I am using the "Default template". So Icopied it to "Copy_of Default".

2. In the template.css of Copy_of Default, I added the following lines at the end of the file :

div.questionhelp img {

3. Click on Save changes.

4. In the survey which I am willing to see the changes, I changed the template from default to "Copy_of_default" and saved it.

I should see the changes right? But I am not seing any changes. Where did I go wrong?
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2 years 7 months ago #110338 by DenisChenu
Hi, no questionhelp but survey-question-help
.survey-question-help img {

Please use some developper tool .....

FireBug for firefox or included devlopper tool for FireFox or Chromium.

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