Modifying the term "token" to "participation code"

4 years 10 months ago - 4 years 10 months ago #108143 by creativeoliver
Hello everyone,
I have been advised to post this issue here after post in it already in the bugs forum.

I am working in a survey where I have changed the term “token” to “participation code” modifying the appropriate .mo file that I have amended using the appropriate .po file in poedit. I have followed the guidance in the manual ( [^]) to make the translation. However, some of the “token” terms does not seem to be modified. For instance, the note on privacy at the beginning of the survey that reads as below when tokens are enable does not seem to translate although we have translated the terms in the .po file:

A note on privacy
This survey is anonymous.
The record kept of your survey responses does not contain any identifying information about you unless a specific question in the survey has asked for this. If you have responded to a survey that used an identifying token to allow you to access the survey, you can rest assured that the identifying token is not kept with your responses. It is managed in a separate database, and will only be updated to indicate that you have (or haven't) completed this survey. There is no way of matching identification tokens with survey responses in this survey.

You can reproduce the issue as follows:
1) Edit .po file in poedit, find the term "token" and translate to "participation code"

2) Replace the .mo file (created automatically when the .po file is saved) on the server at /locale/fr/LC_MESSAGES/af.po (we have made the changes in the afrikaans af.po)

3) Select the afrikaans language from general settings. You will see that in the "A note on privacy" message the term token is not modified whereas others are. For instance the term token has been changed in the welcome page.

Tokens need to be enable for this to happen. I have reproduced the problem in two independent installations of Lime Survey. Also to clarify that I have only changed the term "token" that a potential participant would read and not the ones in the LimeSurvey interface.

I am using Version 2.00+ Build 130802.

Has anyone experienced a similar issue? Any feedback is more than welcome.

Last edit: 4 years 10 months ago by creativeoliver. Reason: .po file not allowed as attachment.

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4 years 8 months ago #110562 by peterx

You just need to find the privacy note text in poedit and change it the way you like :)

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4 years 8 months ago #110706 by creativeoliver
Hello and thanks for your response.

That's exactly what I have done and the reason why I have reported this. Changing the text in poedit does not amend the text because I think there is a bug in the code.

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