how to use the panel integration fuction?

3 years 1 month ago #104420 by iscar
i checked the manual, didn't find this part.

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3 years 1 month ago #104423 by DenisChenu

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3 years 1 month ago #104475 by Bigred01
Create a short text question and call it what ever you want. (Lets just say we gave it "SurveyId" for a question code)

Under the panel integration tab in general settings click "add url parameter"

Call it something like "VariableSurveyId". (What ever name you pick for this will be included in the entry link you will supply to your panel provider.)

After you give it a name, under target select the short text question you made previously and click save so that popup closes then click save again so the whole thing saves.

Now you will need to set up your entry link, it will look something like this.

To get your link just click the execute survey button, copy and modify the href so it has the /en?VariableSurveyId=xxxxxxx at the end.

What ever you replace the "xxxxxxx" with will be grabbed and stored in the short free text question when your respondent lands on that page. Make sur eyou disable the welcome page though and let them land on that first page with the short free text question.

You can set up as many of these your panel providers needs. When it comes to forwarding the panel members back to the provider just take their link and put the {INSERTANS} or {SurveyId.shown} in where they need the id and set up an auto forward with it.
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